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002. A Prologue with Diane Gibbs: The State of Design Education

Abbreviate Transcript Recorded 5.6.2019, Aired 5.24.2019 0:00:00 [bumper with sound effects] 0:00:07 [teaser intro] Pete: If we can get into it here, can you talk to me a little bit about what you feel is the state of design education Diane: It’s really changed over the years I think the students have changed there’s a…

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001. A Prologue with Gary Rozanc: The State of Design Education

Abbreviated Transcript Recorded 5.3.2019, Aired 5.10.2019 0:00:00 [bumper with sound effects] 0:00:08 [teaser intro] Gary: To me the biggest thing right now is that I think we are in the most exciting time for design education and design in general and the thing is I feel like design education totally missed the boat on web…

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