My distribution of research and creative endeavor—based on my profound passion of visual communication and design enabling an engaging discourse that expands and strengthens an appetite towards creative thinking—explores a philosophy that is unified and interwoven into my teaching methodologies. This is accomplished through the combined values of passion, ethics, integrity, and dedication. Incorporating these principles into my scholarly activities is imperative to my responsibility as a designer, educator, mentor, and individual.

My undertakings in research and creative endeavor, teaching, and service are thoughtfully interwoven and correspond with my goals by promoting and motivating critical thinking and problem solving skills while also evaluating ideas and technological proficiencies. My invited conference presentations, peer reviewed journal writings, and gallery exhibitions are examples of my passion for research and creative endeavor within graphic design and back my teaching competencies. They have been instituted across many genre such as: graphic design, typography, design thinking, design education, communication media, and the liberal arts. Identifying a universal synthesis connecting societal influences to the design and application of typography in visual communication design, my research and creative endeavor investigates exploration, expression, and the human experience alongside societal opportunities, boundaries, and responsibilities within visual communication design. I examine visual interaction and communication across challenged expectations, realistic ideals, nourishing debate, inquiry, critical thinking, and analysis. This thought provoking dialogue enquiries conversation to challenge emblematic approaches about design thinking allowing the cultivation of innovative theories and differing opinions, in turn, fostering new thinking regarding visual communication design within our world.

Thus far I have presented at regional and international conferences that include: the examination of “Typographic Form through Gestural Exploration” at the Society of Typographic Aficionados international conference, invitations to present “Typology of Typography” at the Society of Typographic Arts national conference and the School of Visual Arts National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of the Artist, address “Humanistic Experiential Methodologies as Design Mechanism” at the Design Principles and Practices Research Network international conference, as well as contributions to the American Institute of Graphic Arts Design Educators Community. Furthermore, I have published peer-reviewed articles articulating my research findings that include the SVA-NYC National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of the Artist proceedings as well as articles accepted for publication internationally in the SICSSAM Social Sciences and Management proceedings and the International Design Principles and Practices Research Network journal. Additionally, in support of my research, I have exhibited works in several galleries and exhibitions showcasing my creative endeavors—two of which being regional solo exhibitions. My current research and creative endeavor has been combined with a student’s research regarding the inclusion of 3D Printing and moveable type; “Making the machine human: embracing printing technologies in crafting a present-day moveable typeface.”