The primary essence to my teaching philosophy is the need to be passionate and care profoundly about student success, and to embrace optimism toward students’ abilities with empathy and sensitivity to their varying needs and learning styles. I devote an abundance of time thinking about our learning methods, as I am captivated by the way individuals learn. As a lifelong learner who embodies a vast intellectual curiosity about our world and the field of graphic design, I feel confident as an efficacious instructor who shares the sense of awe alongside students. Through my own life journeys, as well as struggles, I’m presented the opportunity to share real-life experience with students to strengthen and connect their studies. Knowledge cannot be revealed to students; rather, the student must compose it. This is true because each student brings to their learning and to the classroom, diverse approaches toward organization, logic and thinking. Therefore, conveying material to students in a manner that expands these diverse intellectual abilities, and in a method demonstrating an importance in the lives of the student, is vital to their academic experience.

Courses I have taught include; Graphic Design History, Typography, Introduction to Graphic Design, Identity and Branding, Publication Design, Advertising, Web Design, and more. Evidence of my teaching include presentations and attendance at local, regional, national, and international conferences attentive to teaching in addition to consistent and positive evidence of peer and student teaching evaluations. Over the course of my teaching I have been humbly recognized with accomplishments that including the IPFW Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) Faculty Award for Engaging Students as Partners in Teaching and Learning, the IPFW Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) Faculty Award for Teaching Backwards: Using Inductive Teaching to Promote Conceptual Understanding, an invite to present my teaching methodologies and pedagogy at the IPFW Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching CELT Certificate Showcase, and selected as a member to the Alliance for Teaching Enrichment and presented in The First Annual Alliance for Teaching Enrichment Teaching Showcase.

I aspire to embrace a vibrant learning environment communicating to students that I believe in their abilities, their ambitions and their objectives while at the same time communicating my passion toward assisting in their learning and growth as designers and visual communicators. A central principle I hold closely is the ability to understand the variances between student’s aptitudes thus positioning instruction to ensure students gain the maximum information and experience from their studies. Permitting students this opportunity creates an energetic and genuine learning environment that spawns academic conviction. Along with this assurance, academia must permit students to make mistakes and support them in learning from mistakes. Assisting students to endure through their mistakes allows them—without fear—to make additional attempts. Imparting these teachings and skills will endure within students throughout their academics, into their professional careers and beyond.