Design Educator

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Art and Graphic Design at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA). I have taught a variety of design curriculum and have accrued more than twenty-five years as a professional designer encompassing advertising, branding, marketing, editorial, and digital media.

The DESIGNED Podcast

The mission of The DESIGNED Podcast is "Creating Success in Design Education" through motivational dialog and encouraging discussion on art and design education to a national audience of educators, mentors, practitioners, and students, in an ever-changing creative and visual arts profession, to promote and inspire the studies and professional success in art and design.

Twist Creative Studio

At Twist Creative Studio solutions are envisioned differently — with a twist. The twist is in the discovery process; a formula of traditional problem solving with a backflip approach. Heck, it’s even branded into the twist logo. I’d be thrilled doing backflips for you. Doing 'actual' backflips isn’t my strong suit but creative solutions on the other hand are definitely my thing.

Set up a Meeting...

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