Creating Success in Design Education ™

The DESIGN DEDUX™ Podcast explores art and design education for faculty, mentors, students, and practitioners that are pursuing success in their work. "Dedux," meaning derived in Latin, is a very important element to the podcast discussion on design education — a young designers approach to design is a derivative of the design that has come before them as they add their design voice to the discussion on design, visually and intellectually.

 The DESIGN DEDUX™ Podcast Mission

The mission of the DESIGN DEDUX™ podcast is to create motivational dialog and encouraging discussion on art and design education to an audience of educators, mentors, students, and practitioners in an ever-changing creative and visual arts field to promote and inspire the studies and professional success in art and design.

The DESIGN DEDUX™ Podcast Vision

The vision of the DESIGN DEDUX™ podcast is to generate conversation for current and future educators, mentors, students, and practitioners on the ever-changing environment of art and design to initiate exploration and insight into a transformative experience successively refreshing and invigorating the future potential of design faculty as well as artists and designers.

Why the DESIGN DEDUX™ Podcast

Throughout history art and design education and practice has continually been exposed to countless challenges brought on by the continuous flux in society and culture. Today we face new demands and exigence’s indicating change is essential to the success of art and design education and practitioners. Therefore, teaching, learning, and practicing art and design in transformative times requires new perspectives. In this ever-changing creative and visual arts arena, we find that knowledge, competencies, and skills have become fragmentary and there is a need — perhaps now more than ever before — to cultivate ideas that will progress our strategies and actions to advance art and design education and professional success for artists and designers. The DESIGN DEDUX™ podcast offers a platform for the exchange and delivery of dialog that will promote and encourage ideas to bring the necessary transformation to an ever-evolving discipline of art and design.

The DESIGN DEDUX™ Podcast Model

Podcasting, in both audio and video formats, are a great way to reach an audience. Audio podcasts are easy to consume while commuting, exercising, or getting work done. Video podcasts make it possible to connect on a deeper level, make it easier to communicate visual subjects, and are more engaging and relatable. The DESIGN DEDUX™ podcast will be a professional broadcast quality podcast that will utilize both audio and video platforms using video to enhance the audio podcast and deepen the relationship with audio listeners. The DESIGN DEDUX™ podcast video podcast will utilize a multi-cam setup that can also feature multiple remote guests via video cameras and webcams. Utilizing these formats, the DESIGN DEDUX™ podcast episodes will be recorded and edited then uploaded onto a website designated for the DESIGN DEDUX™ podcast while simultaneously released to multiple channels and directories dedicated for audio and video podcasts. The recording of episodes will be on an ongoing basis as guests are available while the release of episodes will remain on a semi-monthly basis. Episodes will be broken into seasons that correlate with academic calendars i.e. fall, spring, and summer. Each season will consist of 8 episodes, resulting in 24 episodes a year. Podcast guests will be a collection of art and design educators, mentors, experts, professionals, authors, and students. Topics will address a variety of subject matter, but not inclusive to, the state of art and design education, expectations in academia and the professions, opportunities and challenges, suggestions and successes, and countless other topics that contribute to creating success in design education.

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