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Portfolio of Work

Twist will be stirring things up a bit on the portfolio page to better organize the sampling of work that we can offer as well as showcase the work we have done. Please check back to see the additions and changes at your convenience.

For the moment, here is a very trimmed down portfolio for you to view. To view any individual work within the portfolio, simply hovering your mouse over the image or video will pause the slideshow.

Brand Identity System

Maude & Payne

Proprietors, Maude & Payne, bring heirloom ideals and female ingenuity to their brand. As an organically driven nursery for heirloom native species suitable for planned landscapes in Arkansas Maude & Payne exudes vintage heritage and character.

Public Relations & TV Advert

Garrett State Bank

This award winning public relations campaign included nine total videos; a full length video (3m20sec), four adverts (1m00sec) for variable media including television and online media , and four adverts (0m30sec) specific to online media. To view the entire video campaign visit our YouTube channel.

Print Publications

Editorial Design

Founded in 1829, Rochester Institute of Technology is a diverse and collaborative community of engaged, socially conscious, and intellectually curious minds. The RIT magazine encompasses a publication design aesthetic of business and corporations alike.

Public Service Announcement


SoleMission PSA Case Study that was developed with the assistance of the Rochester New York homeless shelters. This video was created to raise awareness of the homeless epidemic and to help with supporting donations of shoes and socks for the homeless population.

Identity Design

Various Brand Logos

Your logo must be a visual representation of your brand's message and positioning while being easily recognizable and reproducible. Think of your logo as the face that everyone recalls when your business or company name is mentioned; it should evoke a memory or emotion of their relationship with your brand.

B2B Promotional Video


SeeMeCNC is dedicated to bringing you amazing desktop 3D printers and more! More than just machines, an amazing community and one of the largest, most creative, and helpful around.  With thousands of SeeMeCNC customers, from all over the globe, their community brings together some of the most talented and helpful people in the industry.

Product Photography

Various Products

Product photography accurately and attractively adds an overall enhancement to websites, catalogs, and more. Using correct lighting, background materials, camera angles, focus, and depth of field and other technical features, commercial photography emphasizes advertising and marketing to promote and sell your service and/or product.

Social Media Advertisement

Arkansas Coding Academy

Arkansas Coding Academy social media advertisements were directed toward talented individuals with the skills and talent to succeed in the IT and IT-related industries throughout Arkansas.

Editor & Camera Operator

Demo Reel

Caleb Fairres is one of the video editors with Twist. He has an eye for detail, an ear for timing, and a heart for capturing the passion of our clients. His ability to tap into the visceral emotions of the moment is exquisite.