002. A Prologue with Diane Gibbs: The State of Design Education

Diane Gibbs. Diane received her BFA from Auburn University then worked as a designer in Denver before continuing her design education at Virginia Commonwealth University where she earned her MFA. Diane has been a designer for over 20 years and has been running her own freelance design firm Little Bird Communications since 2002. She's been teaching graphic design at the University of South Alabama since 2003. She has spoken at many different conferences on a variety of topics from creativity to leadership. In May of 2012 to keep herself inspired and connected with other creative Diane started a weekly video podcast called Design Recharge where she interviews creatives and Industry leaders from around the globe. Anyone can join for the live show which is every Wednesday from January through November at 2:30 p.m. eastern time 11:30 a.m. Pacific time. Diane is passionate about helping creatives grow their business and she serves as a Matchmaker for budding creative entrepreneurs by connecting them with emerging creatives who have recently joined the industry through her side project Recruiting Creatives.

Recorded 5.6.2019, Aired 5.24.2019

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