016. Research from Student to Graphic Design Career, with Brandon Garn (S1E8)

Brandon Garn is a Mixed Media Artist and Graphic Designer. Brandon graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from Indiana University. He is transitioning from the creative team at Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, Indiana to the strategic creative team at Levitate, a strategic communications agency. Brandon loves playing guitar, taking on freelance work, helping local students build a stronger portfolio and sets aside as much time as possible for reading. Brandon has demonstrated a history of working as a creative in the music industry with skilled in editing, Social Media Design and Social Media Strategy, Typography, as well as Management. With his high attention to detail, passion, focus, and experience as a Graphic Designer and creative thinker, he will be surely discover his path of becoming a Creative Director.

Recorded 12.18.2019, Aired 12.30.2019

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