027. Redesigning HERstory: A Discussion with Naoma Serna-Zahn (S3E5)

NAOMA SERNA-ZAHN is foundHER and creative director of Nuevo Studio in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Naoma is a multi-award winning Graphic Designer, originally from Mexico. Moving here for university, she received a B.A. in French Literature and Culture as well as a B.F.A. in Graphic Design the School of Design at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Her dedication to design runs deep. She was recently awarded a spot on the highly sought after 20 On The Rise Designers by Honeybook + the Rising Tide Society. Naoma has served on the AIGA Oklahoma board for over 3 years and is currently the President. As Creative Director she is driven to empower women in their business. She has been a guest speaker at Creative Mornings OKC, The Treasury, and has spoken about the Etiquette of Business in Design for college students at UCO.

Traveling and good food are major propellers of her creativity. Naoma believes that travel expands horizons and enhances the creative eye. Her sense of travel and adventure doesn’t just stop at the stamps in her passport. She brings culture and understanding into her design process. Naoma is always pushing the boundaries of design to create everlasting brands; brands that tell a story. When she’s not working you can find her planning her next trip or devouring an array of books.

Recorded 7.9.2020, Aired 8.11.2020

Links of Note

Where to find Naoma online
- Website: Nuevo Studio
- LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/naomaserna
- Instagram: @naoserna

Mentioned during this podcast
- Adobe Live Event Day 1: Redesigning HERstory Branding Live - 1
- Adobe Live Event Day 2: Redesigning HERstory Branding Live - 2
- Empowering Women in the Workplace: Watch the recording

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  • Opening and closing track: “Street Background Vlog Hip-Hop”

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